U.S. will bid for 2024 Olympics, no city chosen yet


It would be cool to have the Olympics in the US again. It would have to be in a city with multiple colleges nearby (Dallas, Houston) if they want it to be in a city that hasn’t hosted one before. Multiple colleges minimizes the amount of new facilities they would need to build to host events.

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The U.S. Olympic Committee will bid for the 2024 Olympics, but the city hasn’t been chosen yet.

One of Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. will be the U.S. bid. The USOC had not committed to bidding until after those four finalists gave presentations to the USOC board of directors in San Francisco on Tuesday.

It hopes to choose its city after another board meeting that it hopes to hold in early January, with more discussion on the pros and cons of each city. Not all board members were on hand Tuesday.

“It’s a four-way tie,” USOC CEO Scott Blackmun said when asked if there’s a front-runner among the cities.

The USOC, which will go eight years between Olympic bids, could announce its bid city any time between now and February.

“I would say within 30-60 days we would probably select a city,” USOC chairman Larry Probst said last Tuesday…

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Kings fire coach doing quality work, that always works out well


This is why the Kings will remain at the bottom of the league.

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The Sacramento Kings were off to an impressive 9-6 start to the season until their star center and best player — DeMarcus Cousins — came down with a life threatening illness (viral meningitis). They had gone 2-7 after that but done so while playing the second toughest schedule in the league to this point and are half a game out of a playoff spot. This team had taken a quality step forward from last season, both the offense and defense were playing better. You could feel a positive culture change around the team. Plus the Kings and their system had gotten more efficiency and quality play out of Rudy Gay than any previous stop in his career.

So Sunday night the Kings fired their coach, Mike Malone.

That always works well in the NBA, firing a coach doing a good job. Just go ask the Nuggets about it.

(To be fair, it seems to…

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Nick Young Hits Game Winner (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the San Antonio Spurs last night in San Antonio. There has been a lot of controversy lately surrounding the Lakers and Kobe Bryant, as usual. The Lakers have been bad so far this year, but last night was a bright spot in their not so bright year. In overtime, with 7.4 seconds left, Nick Young, also widely known as “Swaggy P”, nailed a game winning three to give the Lakers their 7th win of the season. You can see that game winning three below. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:12022368
After the game, Swaggy P took a jab at Kobe Bryant in his post game interview. Nick Young is a perfect fit in the circus that is the Laker organization.http://youtu.be/7uDPymyTwqA

Anthony Davis leaves game with chest contusion, does not return


Not good for the Pelicans, especially if he misses extended time.

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Somewhere in the first quarter Friday night against Cleveland, Anthony Davis took a pretty hard blow to the chest. It might have come when he had a collision with Tristan Thompson near mid-court (although he played for a while after that). It might have come battling for position on a Kevin Love free throw.

Whenever it happened, it was apparently pretty nasty.

And serious enough that Davis took himself out of the game, grabbing his chest. He went to the locker room not to return to the game. There are not a lot of details yet on if this could linger and cost him future games (New Orleans plays the Warriors on Sunday, then the Jazz on Tuesday, both at home).

Here is what Pelicans’ coach Monty Williams said after the game, via the Times Picayune.

“I just know when he was on the bench, he was wincing as…

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Report: Carmelo Anthony open to waiving no-trade clause

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[nbcsports_video src=http://vplayer.nbcsports.com/p/BxmELC/nbcsports_embed/select/SHSkdTafufVp?autoPlay=true width=620 height=349]

Are the Knicks better off with or without Carmelo Anthony and his massive contract?

That was the hot debate last summer, when Melo was a free agent and New York had a chance to let its star player walk.

Instead, the Knicks re-signed Melo to a five-year, $124,064,681 contract, which includes a no-trade clause. With that, the debated seemed over.

Phil Jackson said good things about Melo. Melo said good things about the Knicks. The honeymoon appeared to be in full swing.

But even with Melo’s tempered expectations, this season has been a disaster.

Amar’e Stoudemire criticized the team’s effort, and Melo agreed. Jackson described toxic elements of the Knicks’ culture. Melo reportedly threatened to beat up Tim Hardaway Jr. Players reportedly dislike Phil Jackson’s Derek Fisher’s triangle offenseAnd Melo might need knee surgery.

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Most Disappointing NBA Rookies Thus Far

This list will only go to three players unlike yesterday’s “Most Impressive” list, which went to five. The reason for this is well, they’re rookies. Rookies aren’t supposed to come in and light the world on fire, but there is still room for disappointment. Therefore there are more rookies who will impress than disappoint, at least in a reasonable manor. There have been injuries that have sidelined rookies such as Julius Randle and Joel Embiid, but which rookies play has disappointed the most thus far?
1. Dante Exum: The most disappointing rookie so far this season has been 5th overall pick Dante Exum. Exum coming out of Australia was thought to be an immediate impact player with superstar potential. He still has superstar potential, but he is far from an impact player. Up to this point, Exum has averaged four points, two assists, and one rebound a game. Yes, he’s only getting around 18 minutes a game, but theres obviously a reason for that. Exum simply has not performed while he’s in the game. One way to tell how he plays when he does get into the game is the always reliable PER, in which his score is 7.03; thats not good at all. Sure, the NBA is a huge step up in competition for him, but one would think he would be able to adjust quicker. One thing Exum can start doing that will give him a confidence boost is improve on his free throw shooting. Exum is shooting an abysmal 59 percent from the line. That number should at least be around 70 percent if not higher. Seeing the ball go through the net can do wonders for a players confidence, and the free throw line would be a good place to start for Exum.
2. Nik Stauskas: Nik Stauskas was taken 8th overall by the Sacramento Kings. He was brought in to be able to provide instant offense for the Kings, but has not done that so far. Stauskas is only averaging three points a game thus far off of 32 percent shooting. Whats been even worse is his three point shooting, which is what was thought to be (and still is despite what the stats say) his specialty. He’s only hitting on 23 percent of his three point attempts. Its obvious Stauskas has had trouble adjusting to the length and quickness of the NBA, but with game experience he will adjust and you will start to see those shooting percentages go up as the season progresses.
3. Doug McDermott: Coming in 3rd on the list is the 11th pick of the NBA Draft, Doug McDermott. McDermott was also a guy that was brought in for instant offense and outside shooting. McDermott to this point has been well below average from outside, shooting 23 percent from beyond the arc. While this stat is discouraging, what is encouraging is that his overall field goal percentage is 42 percent and he’s also adding just under two rebounds a contest. McDermott is another guy who isn’t extremely athletic that is having some trouble adjusting to the length and quickness of the NBA. Similar to Nik Stauskas, McDermott, with more experience, will continue to improve and evolve his game to become a successful player in the NBA.

Most Impressive NBA Rookies to This Point

The 2014 rookie draft class was one of the deepest draft classes in a while. Potential superstars such as Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid highlighted an extremely deep class. There have been rookies that have been sidelined by injuries, underperformed, and flat out been ineffective; but what five has lived up to and/or exceeded expectations?
1. K.J. McDaniels: To this point the biggest surprise out of all the rookies has been K.J McDaniels. McDaniels, a second round pick out of Clemson, has been thoroughly impressive this year, averaging ten points and four rebounds a game. Yes, McDaniels plays on a bad team, but he has shown promise on a team that doesn’t have much promise. He also leads rookies in blocks per game, averaging one and a half blocks a game. Thats pretty impressive considering he plays the two guard most of the time. He has room to improve, especially on his three point shot, in which he’s only shooting 33 percent; but the more McDaniels plays and practices, the better he’ll get.
2. Jabari Parker: Second on the list is second overall pick Jabari Parker out of Duke. Coming into the league, it was widely argued who would be a better pro, Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins. To this point, Parker holds the advantage over Wiggins. Parker to this point is averaging just over 12 points a game and just under six rebounds. He’s also shown pretty good instincts on the defensive end, averaging better than one steal a game. The continued development of Parker is shown by how much his scoring totals have increased since the beginning of the season. In his first nine games he scored single digit points four times. In the last 13 games, he’s only scored in the single digits three times. Parker is one of the premiere rookie scorers, and he’ll only continue to get better.
3. Andrew Wiggins: Wiggins, the number one overall pick, comes in at three on this list. Wiggins was thought to have more potential than Jabari Parker, but maybe not as polished at this point in their respective careers. That hypothesis has proven to be correct to this point. Wiggins is averaging just under 12 points and three rebounds a contest. Although he averaging less than a point fewer than Jabari Parker per game, Parker’s field goal percentage is ten percent better. Also, his PER is only 8.68, while Jabari Parker’s is 15.62. Wiggins is a top three rookies and will be a star one day, but right now Jabari Parker is better.
4. Elfrid Payton: Payton, the 10th pick of the draft, was traded on draft day from Philadelphia to Orlando, and he has thrived. Payton didn’t come out of Louisiana-Lafayette as a scoring point guard, but more of a all around guard, and he’s been that. While Payton has only averaged six and a half points a game, he’s also averaged five assists (most among rookies), three rebounds and a steal a game. His versatility and 6’4 frame makes him unique for a point guard. Payton’s game reminds me a lot of Rajon Rondo, and in fact, they have almost identical rookie stats up to this point. Both Payton and Rondo aren’t elite scorers, but are really good passers and can rebound really well for guards. Elfrid Payton has the potential to be a consistent double-double guy throughout his career.
5. Zach LaVine: Coming in last but definitely not least is Zach LaVine. LaVine was drafted 13th overall out of UCLA as an extremely athletic point guard who could score, and he’s been just that. He’s averaging just under nine points. three assists and two rebounds per contest. Him and Elfrid Payton have the two highest ceilings amongst guards in this rookie class due to their size and athleticism. LaVine, who is 6’5, has shown that he can both find the open man and score the ball. His supreme athleticism and size will allow him to develop into a very good point guard that averages a double-double throughout his career, much like Elfrid Payton. He and Andrew Wiggins will be a lethal combo for the Timberwolves in two or three years.


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